Is It Harmful To Leave The Laptop On Charge All The Time?

Is it harmful to leave the laptop on charge all the time and can it cause various problems in the future? Here are the curious details!

Basically, laptops stand out for being portable, but in various situations we can put them on the table and leave them plugged in for days and use them. But is it harmful to leave the laptop on charge all the time and should you be worried about that?

The answer to this question is to understand how Li-Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries in modern devices work. So let’s take a closer look at where we’re going in our current question, starting with the basics of batteries.

Is It Harmful to Constantly Charge the Laptop?

Speaking of modern batteries, the first thing you should know is that you cannot overcharge them. In other words, after you charge your laptop to 100 percent, the battery stops charging and the power starts to be taken directly from the charging cable. 

What you need to know though is that every battery tends to wear out over time. Although different batteries have different values, we can say that an average battery has a life of approximately five hundred cycles .

Each cycle uses 100 percent of the battery. For example, if you charge and recharge when your charge drops from 100 percent to 25 percent, and then use it again until it drops from 100 percent to 75 percent, you will have a total of 100 percent usage.

This means that a cycle is complete.

So an average battery has about five hundred full lifetimes. In addition, it should be reminded that the ambient temperature also affects the battery life. For this reason, you may want to use external cooling units, especially on laptop computers.

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At this point, if your laptop has a removable battery, and you won’t be needing it for a long time, you may want to consider disconnecting the battery from the computer and using it that way. Of course, in case of sudden power cuts and accidental disconnection of the charging cable, the files you are working with may be lost.

In addition, your battery plays a protective role in some electrical surges. So think twice before doing this. Most new laptops don’t come with removable batteries, though, so most of you won’t have to worry about that anyway.

Should I Leave My Laptop Charged?

Leaving the battery at 100 percent continuously will shorten its life. Yes, but repeatedly discharging and charging the battery will also shorten its lifespan. More precisely, whatever you do, your battery will wear out over time and its usable capacity will decrease.

Unfortunately that’s how batteries work. The main thing is which one will make it die slower.

The main thing you need to do at this point is to let your battery discharge periodically. For this reason, take your device out of the charger at intervals such as every two weeks or every four weeks and let the battery run out completely. After that, do not forget to perform this operation at the same intervals.


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