James Harden goes mad at betting houses


He puts his name next to the great scorers of all time in the best basketball in the world

James Harden honors the area he plays for. He plays in the Western Conference of the best basketball in the world, wears the flannel of Houston, which belongs to Texas.

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There is no gunman who reaches him and the NBA is under his offensive domain. Since he turned on the turbines in December, he has not stopped with offensive executions that move to amazement and cause the books that have the figures ‘records to be dusted off by the Rockets’ escort.

Harden averages 36.3 points per game, an extraordinary fee. It is not easy to average 20 goals per game in the NBA, much less 25, not to mention 30 and to reach 35 or more, it is for very special athletes.


Regardless of how defensive levels are, without falling into the ground of much shooting (you have to be very good to be allowed to throw so much), the native of Los Angeles, California, is worthy of praise.

Few have been able to average 35 points by encounter in a campaign in the annals of the league. Wilt Chamberlain, lord and master of the score for a long stretch, did so five times, all online, from 1959-60 to 1963-64. In 1961-62, playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, he billed 50.4 points per game.

The company of the 35 points for shock at one station is completed by Elgin Baylor (38.3 in 1961-62 for the Lakers), Rick Barry (35.6 for the San Francisco Warriors), Michael Jordan (37.1 in 1986-87 and 35.0). in 1987-88 with the Chicago Bulls) and Kobe Bryant (2005-06 with the Lakers).

There’s still a lot of basketball to do, but Harden has the scoring ability to match these monsters that, at one point, took over the game.

In his case, he has a special point in his favor and that is that the injuries have invaded the Rockets. Chris Paul, stellar point guard, has many games out due to problems in his leg. Clint Capela, whose specialty is defense, is also on the disabled list and Eric Gordon, an offensive source in the squad led by Mike D’Antony, was recently absent due to physical discomfort.

It’s a “soloist” show by Harden, the 6’5 “tall defender who played for Arizona State University, a virtuoso who averaged 54 points in a week, one that already has five games of at least 50 points. in the race, 21 in line of at least 30, the fourth longest streak in history and who averages 45 points per shock in January. James Harden, ladies and gentlemen, in an offensive run for history.


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