Latest iOS 15 appeared to users with errors!

Apple released the iOS 15 operating system the other day. As with the previous interface, the new interface also brings bugs.

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Technology manufacturer Apple made a promotion for the mobile operating system IOS 15 last June.After nearly 4 months of development and testing, a new update has been released recently.  Just one day after the release of iOS 15  and  iPadOS 15 operating systems, Apple also started the beta process for new versions .

So, what’s the latest in the new operating system? Are users satisfied? While the majority seemed satisfied, some iPhone users claimed that new errors appeared after updating their phones. Here are those mistakes..

iOS 15 is on the agenda with storage error

Just two days after Apple released iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to everyone, negative responses began to come from users. Many users on social media are pointing out some common storage- related mistakes.

After the iOS 15‌ update, some users said they saw an “ iPhone Storage Almost Full ” warning in the Settings menu . Moreover, they state that the warning comes even though there is enough storage space left on the iPhone devices.

Apple Support ‘s Twitter account is full of users reporting the bug.

Moreover, the warning in the Settings menu cannot be turned off. If you tap the notification in the Settings iPhone Storage takes you to the page. Here, there is usually information that the device still has enough storage space. Also, this is n’t the only storage bug that comes with iOS 15 .

Some users said that the amount of available storage is more than the capacity of the device. There were also errors about the storage space occupied by a content.

In these cases, Apple Support advises users to restart their device. However, this procedure did not completely solve the problem. If your device has similar or different errors after the new update, you can share it as a comment.

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