Latest news on the biggest flood disaster in Australia , even Crocodile roaming on the streets


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  • Premier of Queensland said – Such a rain occurrence occurring once in 100 years.
  • The military distributed sand sacks to the people

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Thousands of people have to leave their homes in the extreme floods in north-west Australia. 20 thousand houses have been told in danger. The Ross River Dam is releasing 1900 cubic meter water per second. Officials said the situation has worsened in the next few days. Due to flood waters, crocodiles have come on roads. In view of this, the administration has asked the people to be alert.

Detail information of Australia Flood

1 Water is flooded everywhere in Townsville, Queensland state. There is no electricity in the city. Many people are living on the rooftops of their homes. The Queensland Meteorological Department has warned that the situation may worsen due to the flood. City contact can be cut off from other areas.

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2 According to Queensland premier Anastasia Palaszuk, “This is not happening once in 20 years, but once in 100 years, there may be strong winds in the next few days with heavy rain. My people have an appeal that Only exit, otherwise stay at home. “

3 According to the 7 News report, hundreds of houses have been evacuated. There is a threat to 10 to 20 thousand houses. Military has distributed sand sacks to local people so that they can be protected from water.

4 According to meteorologist Jonathan Hoe, this area has 2 meters of rain a year, but in some towns there has been rain all year long. In the village of Ingham, 50.6 cm water was rainy in the last 24 hours. It rained 14.5 cm in an hour.

5 Chris Brookhouse, living in Townsville, says that we have never seen it before. Water is visible everywhere. Water is more than one meter in the house. The stairs are sunk The other things, including the fridge, are floating.

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