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actor, singer and producer Prithviraj is the new face of the audience. She made her directorial debut at 17th year of film career. Mohanlal is the hero of the first film. Murali Gopi script of unreasonable legend. Lucifer emerged as a burden on the audience’s expectations. Lucifer has not forgotten those expectations and can not even say that the spectators were surprised by the spectators.

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Why Lucifer?

  1. Lucifer in a single line is the political sphere he has seen in Indian politics. PKR Or PK. The death of a politician Ramdas is a turbulent political Kerala. The chair has been nominated to include his two children, Priyadarshini (Manju Warrier) and Jetham (Tovino Thomas). In other part of power lusts. Stephen Nedumbhalli (Mohanlal) is the favorite of none other than PK PK. Lucifer again reminds us of the waves of family politics that troubled Indian politics once more.
  2. After seeing Poovalli Induscutt of Narasimha, Mohanlal was once again seen in Lucifer. That mascot intro only is enough. No additional description is required. But in the past, there is no need for Stephen Nedumbhil. The common man, Stephen, who appears in the garments of pearl, but the sequel of complications continues until the end.
  3. Vivek Oberoi is the corporate-underworld leader who flaws politics and is shining in his first Malayalam film. Vivek is distinct from the character villains of Malayalam, who speak Malayalam of the Malayalam language. Vivakkal plays the role of Bobby as a Bimal Nair. Russian Underworld Saeed Masoodi Prithviraj is also shining. Tavino’s jatin has to be taken up. A son who grew up abroad with foreign methods, has come to land to pursue a political legacy and is quickly adapted to folk manner of poetry.
  4. Lucifer’s construction is made between the Mass Mass and the Masala Pipe without being sprinkled on regular steam-falling formats in Malayalam. Prior to that, Prithviraj, who has a hand in experiments in the department of films in many of his films, performs it beautifully without the dazzling of a debutant.


  1. Surprisingly, the frames of Sujith Vasudev-Prithviraj’s association seemed better from each other. Even in the action scenes, Sujith has handled the camera.
  2. In addition to the rhetoric of political horse trading, the film has many criticisms of their respective views and shelters. The political background is reminiscent of the past, but its surroundings can be built in conjunction with the New Age.
  3. Lucifer will not disappoint the viewer who only wants the camera to be better off front and back.


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