Miley Cyrus showed what her appearance would be if she were a man: This is the result


Miley Cyrus knows how to baffle us all. When we believe that he leaves behind his rebellious and adolescent role, he returns to the remanidos places. Well for her, really: there is nothing healthier than laughing at yourself, the best weapon to combat that treacherous weapon that is fame.
But of course, you do not always have to like what you do, no matter how colorful it is. For the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the singer was characterized as a man. Nothing bad up there. But of course, what does your man look like, what is the image she would repeat of posing as one? Remember: Miley’s husband is Liam Hemsworth, who looks like this.
Stay with the one who looks at you like Miley to Liam? Anyway … we will not enter to interpret that photo. The question is that the beautiful girl thought: “How would I look like a man”? And he responded with the following image.
Ehhh … How to say it … No. No. No! Miley we love you. We love you. But we prefer you as you are, witty or etiquette, but always highlighting your feminine beauty.


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