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Mother’s Day: Why is it celebrated on May 10 in the United States?


This Sunday, May 10th, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States, but do you know why mothers celebrate that day this year?

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many countries in the world will celebrate their mothers this Sunday, May 10 , among them is the United States, one of the countries most affected by the virus, but still managing to celebrate the mothers.

However, this time it was a simple coincidence that was celebrated together with Mexico, El Salvador and other countries that celebrate moms every May 10. In the United States, the celebration is always held on the second Sunday of May.

Normally it is a day when they take advantage of giving cards, gifts, among other things, to mothers of families. Some of the most common gifts can be: Flowers, Chocolates, Sweets, Clothing, Jewelry, etc.

Curiously, the origin of the day was precisely born in the United States. In 1908, Anna Jarvis started a campaign promoting ‘Mother’s Day’ as a tribute to Ann Reeves Jarvis, her mother who had died a few days before.

Incredibly, after several years of trying to promote it, Jarvis was dissatisfied with the commercial direction he was taking. Therefore, he tried to boycott her. The activist now wanted to delete the date. Jarvis wanted that day to be a sacred date.

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