Only Photo You Can See When You Shake Your Head


Michelle Dickinson , who holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, has been able to sit on the agenda of social media with the visual image she shared via her Twitter address. Dickinson shared the post, a picture of a cat that you can only see when you shake your head .itis one of the best 2019 optical illusion ever

In a short time, thousands of likes and spread on Twitter in the description of the visual part of the description, “You can see this optical illusion only if you shake your head (I’m serious)” phrases were used. Even if they did not believe this post, the cat silhouette revealed the seriousness of the work.

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Some users who leave a comment that the smartphone vibration can reveal the face of the cat , while some people can see the image without any action was understood. Some users to see the face of the cat is enough to remove their glasses, he said. The picture, which is a very good example of how much our eyes can be misleading, has already reached hundreds of thousands of people while still being spoken by more than 1200 users.

You can find the ship immediately below, and you can only reveal the cat if you shake your head. (We mean).



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