Priyanka Chopra celebrates first Holi after marriage


Mumbai. On Thursday, festival of Holi was celebrated all over the country. This festival has been a special significance in Bollywood. Holi festivals are filled with interesting stories in the stories of movies, and there are innumerable stories of this colorful festival in private life too. However, Bollywood celebrities have congratulated Holi for their fences through social media.

This is the first Holi after Priyanka Chopra’s marriage after marrying Nick Jonas, and this time she is celebrating Holi in her in laws only in America. Priyanka congratulated everyone on Holi and wrote that they are missing it. Priyanka wrote: “Best wishes to all those celebrating Holi. Today, India is looking like a huge, colorful street party. Holi is so passionate fun fun festival. Playing with neighbors is the only fun of playing music and playing gulas. Holi is my favorite festival because I celebrated with my big family. feeling homesick.”

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Priyanka has shared her picture for congratulating Holi, she has a video of Sakas’ song of the Jonas Brothers, in which Priyanka is also featured.



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