Qualcomm’s Refusal to Sell Modem to Apple Moved to Court


Apple COO Jeff Williams said in a statement to the court that Qualcomm has not sold its LTE modems to Apple due to licensing cases between Qualcomm and Apple .

Apple and Qualcomm ‘s agreement on modem extended to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. The two companies, which have been working together for many years, have been involved in patent matters in 2018. Qualcomm , claiming that its patents were used unauthorized by Apple , filed lawsuits against the prohibition of iPhone sales in many countries, and made decisions to stop selling in China and Germany.

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(Jeff Williams testifies – Vicki Behringer)

Tension between the two companies is rising day by day, it decided not to sell Qualcomm’s modem , moved to the court by Apple . Expressing during the investigation process initiated by the United States Trade Commission, Apple COO Jeff Williams said that what happened was due to patent cases between Apple and Qualcomm. Williams said Qualcomm wanted $ 7.50 for every iPhone produced and that it was too high. Apple had offered Qualcomm $ 1.50 per device for patents.


The reason for Apple complaining about not making sales is the 5G modem. Intel’s 5G modems will not grow until 2020 is among the previously revealed information, Apple does not want to miss the 5G furyasın, Qualcomm’da also said that it was a modem purchase.


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