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Recipe Sites Flock to Visitors


Millions of people who have isolated themselves at home due to the new type of coronavirus, which has recently become our main agenda , are trying to take measures to reduce any contact, including food ordering. Correspondingly, recipe sites faced a larger user visit than ever before.

What effect did coronavirus have on recipe sites?
When millions of people, who consume everything they can do at home and want to eliminate boredom by cooking, decided to embark on some new recipes, a significant increase in traffic was observed on recipe sites

Recipe sites, which had 348,100 visitors per week at the beginning of March 2020, reached 832,100 visitors per week at the end of April 2020 , and with this increase, 139 percent growth has been experienced.

According to the survey, 56 percent of the visit was made up of women and the remaining 44 percent was made up of men. On the other hand, the average age of the most visited groups was 25-34 years old, 18-24 years old and 45-54 years old, respectively.

So what do you think about these research results? Do you also visit recipe sites to learn new recipes during these periods? Do not forget to share your opinions with us from the comments tab below.

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