Russia’s New Technology Can Destroy the US Population Completely


The Russian military expert Aleksey Leonkov talked about the strength of the RS-28 Sarmat missiles planned to be produced by the Russian Federation . Leonkov wrote that 10 RS-28 Sarmatian intercontinental ballistic missiles would be enough to destroy the entire population of the United States. Sputnik reported in the news, a weekly published in the journal articles were written by Aleksey Leonkov.

Leonkov pointed out that all attention to the West is unearthed on a nuclear-bound unmanned underwater vehicle called Poseydon, which has an infinite range .

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Leonkov noted that the first weapons to be used in a real nuclear war would be intercontinental ballistic missiles , and he calculated the damage to the US by the new Sarmat missiles developed by Russia. . It is known that 100 thousand people have lost their lives in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan (5 years later, these figures have doubled),. Said the Russian expert. In 1945, the power of the nuclear bombs was an average of 20 kilotons, meaning that each kiloton killed five thousand people. One of our RS-28 Sarmat missiles is capable of carrying 6.75 to 7.5 megatons of nuclear explosives , which could lead to the deaths of 33.75 to 37.5 million people in areas of high US population. 10 The Sarmatian missile could destroy the entire population of the United States.



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