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Technology Giants Extend Working Time from Home to Year-End


While concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak continue, companies around the world have begun to operate through the home-working model. On the other hand, the existence of some question marks and concerns about the progression of the outbreak has led technology giants to extend their working time from home. Here are the details!

How Long Did Technology Giants Extend Working Time From Home?
According to the statement made by Google , people who have the opportunity to work from home as of their work will be able to continue working from home until the end of this year . On the other hand, people who do not have the opportunity to work from home will continue to work from the office with the extended security measures starting from July.

Facebook also took a similar step and announced that employees who can run their jobs from afar can continue to work from home until the end of this year , and that it depends on the person’s will. On the other hand, it is stated that which employees should return to the office has not been determined yet.

Both companies stressed that these dates may vary depending on the circumstances. In other words, depending on the progress of the process, it may be possible to postpone or push forward dates. So what do you think about these explanations? Do not forget to share your opinions with us.

Normalization steps in Turkey ,India,USA and other countries is focused on the end of May. After the feast, a gradual return to normal life was designed until the end of the year and necessary steps were taken to implement this.

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