Tesla, Model S and Model X to Improve the Engine


Electric cars are becoming more and more common and are becoming a part of our daily lives. However, one of the most important problems of electric car owners is the range of vehicles . Because gasoline and diesel vehicles can easily find a gas station, it is not easy to find a charging station for electric vehicles .

In fact, in recent years this situation has changed a bit and now we can see much more charging stations. However, we still cannot say that charging stations are as common as gas stations and are everywhere.

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For this reason, we want electric cars to travel as much as possible over a single charge. Fortunately, we have good news about this because Tesla can make some improvements to some of the older models. Some sources say that Tesla may be working on more advanced engines for Model S and Model X , according to a report in Electrek .


Vehicles Can Cover Longer Distance
These new engines will consist of magnetic resistor motors in a similar way to that used in Model 3 . The new engines, which are different from the AC induction motors used in the old Tesla models, work at a higher efficiency, enabling Tesla vehicles to travel longer distances with a single charge.

According to the details in Electrek , Tesla ‘s Model S and Model X sales in the last quarter fell significantly. However, Tesla seems to be able to revive sales if it launches new models of these vehicles with new engines.


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