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What is Amazon Photos? How to use?

What is Amazon Photos popular around the world? How to use? We have prepared a guide for those who are curious about the answers to these and similar questions

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There are many services offered by the e-commerce giant Amazon. These services include Amazon Photos. So, what is Amazon Photos ? In this article, we will answer some questions about the popular service offered by the e-commerce giant Amazon.

Backing up photos on mobile devices and computers is of great importance because there is a possibility that the photos will be deleted as a result of any problem that occurs in the device. On the other hand, management can be difficult on a device with a large number of photos.

There are various applications for users who want to keep their media files online and manage them practically. Among them, Amazon Photos stands out. So, what does Amazon Photos, which is preferred by many people, mean?

What is Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos, a service similar to Google Photos, allows you to store photos and videos in the cloud in a practical way. Thus, you can access all media files from a single device. The service, which stores photos and videos in the cloud, also allows you to make backups.

You can either automate the backup process or disable this function. You can also access the backed up files from a different device. Thus, you can browse images and videos even when you cannot use the current device.

You can also filter by person, date and location via Amazon Photos. This makes it possible to access images or videos that you want to browse very easily and quickly.

How to Use Amazon Photos

  • Download Amazon Photos.
  • Enter the app.
  • Sign in to your Amazon membership.
  • Start the backup process.
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Amazon Photos has an app as well as a web version of the service. If you want to use the mobile application of the service, first download and install Amazon Photos on your smartphone or tablet.

After the installation is complete, open the app and immediately log in to your Amazon membership. If you don’t have an existing account, create a new one. After logging into your account, you can start using the application. If you want, you can start the backup process first.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer some frequently asked questions about Amazon Photos.

Is Amazon Photos Free?

Amazon Photos offers 5GB of photo and video storage to all Amazon users. In addition, Amazon Prime subscribers can get unlimited photo storage and 5GB of storage at no extra cost.

Is Amazon Photos Unlimited?

Amazon Photos offers unlimited photo storage to Amazon Prime members, but all Amazon users are offered 5GB of storage.

Google Photos or Amazon Photos?

For those with an Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon Photos makes more sense because the subscription provides unlimited photo storage. If you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription and already have a Google account, Google Photos may be preferred. Of course, this is entirely up to the user’s preference.

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