What is Domain? How to Choose? What Should Be Considered While Buying?

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What is a domain? How to choose a domain? What should be considered when buying a domain? We have brought together all the details you are wondering about.

Creating a corporate identity for a new venture helps potential customers gain a permanent and strong image. Of course, one of the most important factors in this process is the choice of domain name. Let’s start this guide with the question of what is a domain, and then continue with the questions of how to choose a domain and what to consider when buying a domain .

What is Domain?

Domain or with its other name Domain Name is the digital addresses of websites on the internet. While users can use their IP addresses to reach a website, domain names come into play because the complex string of numbers is difficult to remember.

As a matter of fact, the most popular websites around the world have catchy, easy domain names. Examples of these are, or In this process, choosing a catchy and easy domain name brings many advantages.

What is the Difference Between URL and Domain?

Let’s walk through an easy example to make the distinction clear here. For example, is a URL. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Moreover, long URL addresses play a role in describing pages on a website. For example, is the address of the blog page in the domain. Note that you can create as many URLs as you want on a website with a domain.

What is TLD?

Domain names consist of two different parts. The first of these is the part that consists of the letters or numbers you specify. The second part after the dot is called the domain name extension or TLD, that is, Top Level Domain . As a matter of fact, there are many types of domain name extensions within themselves.

Each type of TLD may have different meanings, and some may require special documentation to use. 

Although the extensions are generally preferred as ‘.com’ or ‘.net’, it is also possible to identify them with codes specific to the country you are in. The most popular example of this would be ‘’. Of course, trademark documents, identity and other extra documents may be required to register such extensions. If you provide these documents for your commercial business, you can use the ‘’ domain name extension.

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How is Domain Registration (Registration) Made?

When it comes to a new venture, domain name selection plays a critical role in creating a strong and lasting image. For this reason, you should start by doing a deep and comprehensive research in order to find a domain name that will fit your corporate identity.

Domain Names, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers authorized by the organizations is allocated.

Through these organizations, you can register a domain name of your choice for a one-year or ten-year period. For domain names with a country code, this period is determined as a maximum of five years. In other words, you cannot buy a domain name, but you can use it for a certain period of time for the fee you pay.

If you do not re-register the domain name you have purchased within the valid periods, it will be made available to others. In other words, if you want to use your domain name for a long time, you have to re-register it within the renewal period.

When you register a domain name, you must first access the domain inquiry panel of the organization providing this service . From this panel, you can query the domain names suitable for your own brand or business, and see which ones are available and which ones are occupied.

If you have a domain name that you really like but it’s been made available to someone else, you may want to contact the owner. To find out what you can do in this situation, you can browse the article here and find information about WHOIS.

What is the Importance of a Domain Name for a New Venture?

The more important you think the name you will write on the signboard in a new venture, the more important the domain name is. At this point, you need to consider that you have created the digital address and digital identity of the website of your enterprise.


Just as it is important for your business to be at a known and popular address in the real world, the domain is just as important as it will be your potential future address.

What to Consider When Choosing a Domain?

Of course, domain name selection is also important in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore, it will be in your best interest to register by paying attention to criteria such as the length of the domain name, the characters it contains and keywords.

1- Domain Length

The most basic rule of a good domain name is to be easy and memorable. For this reason, creating long and complex domain names can prevent you from meeting with potential visitors. As a matter of fact, domain names with a maximum of 8 to 10 characters are preferred in domain investing. For this reason, you should avoid choosing very long domain names.

2- Domain Extension (TLD)

Domain name extensions with a country code can be obtained after various documents and documents. Therefore, they are safer for visitors. If possible, you should ensure that the domain name you will buy has the ‘’ extension.

You should also purchase potential other extensions for the domain name you will create. For example, you registered the ‘.com’ domain name and your website started to attract visitors over time. After that, others may try to rival you by buying extensions such as ‘.net’ or ‘’.

Therefore, if possible, it would be useful to register popular extensions such as ‘’, ‘.com’ and ‘.net’. Of course, do not think that these are a dead investment. If you want to use the ‘’ extension later, you can redirect other extensions to the ‘’ address.

3- Domain Characters

Domain names containing Turkish characters can describe you exactly, but let us remind you that this may not be the right choice globally. Since the keyboard system of each country is different, letters such as ‘ç’ or ‘ğ’ in your domain may prevent your site from attracting visitors from other places. In addition, this preference is not recommended in terms of SEO.

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4- Domain and E-Mail Relationship

If you want to create a website with the domain name you use, you will need to purchase a hosting service separately. If you have a large number of employees and therefore you will create a large number of emails, you should be careful when choosing a hosting package .

As a matter of fact, corporate e-mail addresses are one of the most important components for your business, and e-mail addresses with domain extensions ( such as [email protected] ) will draw you a more corporate and more reliable image, and therefore will provide you with prestige in the eyes of customers.

How to Get Registered Domains?

As we just mentioned, there are some people who trade domain names. Of course, apart from these people defined as ‘Domain Brokers’, some people may sell the domain name they bought for a project. You can see them by querying them one by one, or you can browse the domain names sold by auction or bid method from sites such as Hostinger , cloudflare or

Domain Transfer

Today, there are many organizations that register domain names. Let’s say you registered a domain name from one of them and then you started working with another company. In such cases, you can transfer this domain name to another organization with the transfer code you will obtain from the organization where you registered the domain name. 

As a little information, the domain name you have transferred to the other organization during the transfer process should be re-registered by paying a fee as if the annual registration period has come. This situation does not affect your period from the past, so the new registration period is added to the current registration period.


Have a reliable organization that you follow for domain registration. With the user account you will create through this organization, you can register any vacant domain name at any time. Stay tuned for domains that will be registered to your name instantly with your credit card. As a matter of fact, not to be missed campaigns are made for some TLDs from time to time.

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