What is Pegasus Spyware and What Can It Do?

What is Pegasus spyware, how is it transmitted? Here are all the curious details about what hackers can do with the malware in question!

Pegasus spyware might be the most dangerous malware ever developed. Once your smartphone is infected, it can turn your phone into a listening or monitoring device that can be used to spy on you 24/7 without you even noticing.

How is Pegasus Spyware Infected?

  • The software is downloaded from links sent by malicious people via e-mail and text messages.
  • In order for a malicious person to access the victim’s device, the victim needs to click on the link and download the software.
  • Pegasus is the oldest version, identified by researchers in 2016 were . Developers and users of the software reach out to victims via popular messaging apps or emails to target them. The software is usually kept secret, disguised as a popular app.
  • When the user downloads the malware, they don’t even realize that they are downloading the malware. The hacker can perform any operation on the user’s device without the user even being aware of it, and the user can continue to control their phone as if they are not under someone else’s control while all this is happening.

The malware in question has an unpredictably large target audience, and the software can easily take any action. Find out below what can happen once your device is infected.

What can be done with Pegasus Spyware?

  • Once users of the software gain access to the victim’s phone, they can regularly monitor the device without the victim even realizing it.
  • Messages sent or received on devices containing this software can be directly copied.
  • Photos stored on the device can be collected by malicious person.
  • Incoming calls to the phone can be recorded.
  • The victim can be secretly recorded with the phone’s camera.
  • The microphone can be used to listen to the victim’s conversations.
  • At any time, the malicious person can find out where the victim is, who they are with, and even who they’ve met.
  • Any file contained in the phone can be transferred to the hacker’s server. Similarly, photos, videos or even any song in the playlist can be uploaded to the hacker’s server.
  • Taking control of the user’s device, the hacker can read incoming text messages on the smartphone.
  • All kinds of information can be analyzed and collected, including the search history of web browsers.

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