Why Indian congress leader Rahul Gandhi talking so much about Rafale deal


Before starting this Article ,let us know who is Rahul gandhi ?

Rahul is a member of the fourth generation of his family, who is working in politics.Like his father, Rahul did not choose politics from the beginning, after his studies, he worked in a company named Monitor Group in London, which was a management consultancy firm. Later in 2002, he was one of the different directors in the Mumbai based technology outsourcing company. He is currently serving as the President of the Indian National Congress and at the same time he is also the chairperson of the National Youth Union and the National Youth Congress. Prior to this, Rahul was working as a secretary in his party, besides he is also a member of the Indian Parliament. At present, the 48-year-old Rahul is the only party in his hand, and the party is running on the guidelines.

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Exactly, what is Happening in Rafale deal

Take it This way
Tata Nano was launched in 2008
As a car priced at 1 Lakh
As of 10 years later in 2018 the base model of Tata Nano is Priced at 2.3 Lakh and the Top model Petrol is priced at 3.75 Lakh.So now the Rafael Deal Began in 2007, Let’s say the Rafale was priced at 1 Crore for the Base Model (Barebone). Now We come to 2018, that’s wen the controversy Spiked. that’s 11 Years later.Now the price of the Top Model( Fully Loaded, India Specfic) Rafale in 2018 is 3 Crore. Hence a Questioning why Is it 3 Times Expensive.


So This is My question to you !
Why didn’t you Question Tata about the price hike?
You wanted to buy a base model nano 11 years ago
Tata told you 1 Lakh you said I will buy.
And now your ready to pay 11 years later, you say I want the top model with a sunroof , with different alloys, with a 9 inch LCD screen, Free Service for 10 Years, and New Bose Music System.
So Tata Says Okay, That will be 3.75 Lakh.
And you say no ! So they come down and they say Fine We Will give it to you for 3 Lakh. So you buy It. Now the payment was done with the help of your wife’s(Indian GeneralPublic) funds and suddenly your brother in law(Congress) is jealous.
So he tells your wife see Your husband paid 3 times,Maybe he’s lying to you he’s cheating and misusing your funds .
So now she and her brother are accusing you of fraud.
so now she involves him and even her sister’s(Petitioners) question you
Her sister’s go ahead and ask your wife to register a police complaint but your wife’s unsure and her brother wants her back away from you.
so he keeps nagging and ranting but doesn’t get involved in a police complain.
now her sister’s call a C.A(CAG) and get all the documents checked and there isn’t any issue. so now they are frustrated so they claim you evaded taxes and now your brother in law says the C.A is your old friend so he’s a liar too and eventually cause of all this the delivery of your Car is getting delayed and you can’t keep riding the same old scooty and the brother wants to be with your wife and the sister’s want the same so they are trying harder and making sure this goes on for a couple of months, till your wife gets fed up and leaves you,Now I already Made it Brief and easy enough for you to understand.

Question 1-So Imagine there are 8 members in Ur family in 2008 so u wanted to order 2 nanos for 1 lakh,but now u have 2 kids(growth of Economy) so if the cost has not increased u should be ordering more cars but u decreased to one why is it so ?

Question 2-Imagine your wife owns garage where you used to give Ur old cars for service as you brought all your cars from Ur wife’s money .. now you have a close friend who is bankrupt You go and tell him that not to worry and open a garage immediately As I am getting a Nano and assure him that u will take all the parts from his garage and regularly send it for servicing in his garage even though it will cause loss to Ur wife’ s garage .

Answer 1– Alright first of all Military’s Bulk Growth is not based on economy it’s based on the threat Perception. (Two extra kids but driver’s are still only Two)

Secondly those two Nano’s where finalized by a tender of which dealer gives for the cheapest now you have cancelled the tender but you also need the car emmdiately so you can only buy 1 for the cash you have so you decided to buy one but the top model(One car which can take one extra person) compared to buying two base model’s cause if you reissue a new tender then it will take another 8 years of wait. and you can’t wait that long for a new car but you only have funds for one car(It’s an emergency Purchase which is limited to two squadrons) For more than two squadrons we require a Tender.

Also It’s not possible that the price didn’t change after 8 years

Do you buy veggie’s or milk for the same price as a decade ago?

Your Brother in law is talking about the prices which were decided a decade ago.

Answer 2-Yes the Wife owns a Garage which services old cars but the quality of her garage’s service is so bad that many times the car’s engine would cease and the brake lines would fail and you would have major accident’s many people died under your car cause the car malfunctioned.

Yes there are many garage’s the close one’s the far one’s some are cheap some are expensive your friend own one which is not doing well but his quality of work is excellent zero accident’s and best parts.

And your wife only repairs your cars no one else comes to your wife’s garage cause they know they will face problems and you are the only one going there which is the only thing keeping the business up and running. but your fed up of the problems.

So wen you buy that Top model Nano you ask TATA to give you best service and guarantee of no problem’s and the servicing at your wife’s garage but Tata knows that your wife’s garage work is Substandard so they say No we will give guarantee only if you service the car by yourself and buy the parts from your friend’s garage so you give it to your friend cause you know you will suffer if you give it to your wife’s garage.


1- Many Quorans are questioning the elaboration of the situation and calling it wrong and unnecessary, well this was elaborated in a different manner by me just so that the general public who has been unaware of the exact situation and is having a difficulty understanding the senario will get a better understanding.

2- Many are saying that inflation is not the case here, well ask youself do you think if a basic soap gets a price hike every 2 months and your talking about a defence deal delayed over 8 Years, Are you telling yourself that the price is supposed to stay the same?

3- Alright about the price Hike ,

MMRCA 2001(RTI-Request to information)

2007 (RPF)Request to Proposal Current Price 12 Billion USD.

March 2012 Deal close to finalisation , MOD has depleted it’s cash reserves hence the deal will be signed in 2013, MOD ask’s to Revise the Price Dassault Makes it 18 Billion USD.

August 2014 price escalated to 20.5 Billion USD Which is Rs- 1,44,000 Cr/-

This Includes 18 Rafale’s in fly away state to be delivered in 3- 6 years

Rest Assembled By HAL in 7 Years.

TOT Which is Around 40% – 50% anyone here who think dassault or any OEM will provide Full TOT is a F*ol, even the GOI Won’t ask for more than 50% .

Performance based Logistics

No Weapons

No India Specific Enhancements

No spare parts and spare engines. so 20.5 Billion USD just for Barebone aircraft , and TOT.

Note-This Does not Include the the price which will be paid to HAL to buy the Spares and Assemble the 108 Jets. Which will be 20.5 Bilion USD + HAL Charges. that is with their delay and 3 times more Expensive labour.

and all this for a aircraft which has No weapons .(Are we planning to launch Stones???) So the Congress than would nicely start one more deal with Dassault for Enhancements and one more for weapons. after MMRCA.

Do you want a Aircraft from a state Firm which completes the job on a labour contract.(Yes they don’t exactly hire people who assemble most of the stuff)

and a military aircraft Plant where the employees are smoking cigarette and throwing buds on the floor

And the People who are non stop talking only one thing that is Reliance’s involvement should know that reliance had a JV with Dassualt since 2012 and they were gonna manufacture it’s wing in the 126 MMRCA too.

Only the government forced dassualt to take HAL as a lead integrator, but Reliance would still make the wings.

Now I’ll Say what the 36 Jets deal has got us for Rs-59000 Cr/-

Rafale with a new Radar

Rafale with 14 India Specific Enhancements

Performance based Logistics

Spare parts and Spare engines


and Delivery of all 36 Within 7 years which was not the case with MMRCA cause in MMRCA HAL Intially was gonna Manufacture 6 Jets per Year.

and Only 10% of offset’s go to Reliance-

Contract value-Rs-59000-

Offset Clause-50%=29500-

10% Obligation goes to Reliance that’s Rs- 2950 Cr (5% of the total Contract)

And they are not getting paid for free they are manufacturing Falcon’s for Dassault. and they will do some parts for rafale.

So Rs-2950 – Investment of atleast 25% =738cr

Max Profit of 2200cr Over 6–7 Years what’s wrong if he has worked for it.

I hope I have answered more than Required, and for the people who think Modi did it for kickbacks then Ask youself don’t you think he would rather sign a deal for Eurofighter Typhoon they would be more than happy to pay him.



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