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Windows 10 Game Mode is Troubling Gamers


As you can understand from the name of Game Mode, which is preferred by players who want to have a good gaming experience on Windows 10 computer, it aims to offer high performance . However, the researches show that the opposite is in question. It looks like Windows 10 is facing some problems on Game Mode side. Here are the curious details!

What Does Windows 10 Game Mode Do?
Many computer players make changes to the power plan and prefer the game mode, especially when they want to play games with high system requirements . This mod aims to prioritize games and improve performance and minimize background tasks.

At least on paper.

Research shows that computers with Game Mode enabled have lower frame rates and more frequent freezing situations. The issue seems to apply to both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

As a matter of fact, considering that the power plan should improve the game performance, it can be said that this is very frustrating. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off the game mode.

To turn off the game mode, open the start menu and login to the settings app. Then log in to the game tab in the menu, click the game mode button on the left and close the setting that is displayed, if it is on.

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