World’s First Jetpack Racing League Starts in 2019


Almost everyone who plays the Gta series remembers the “rocketman” trick. People will now start jetpack racing and even a league has been set up for these races. We seem to feel you’re wondering how the JetPack races are. JetPack Aviation (JPA) 12 months of tests as a result of the jetpacklerinin close to each other was investigated safely.

As a result of the tests and researches, it was decided to install JetPack Aviation (JPA) 2019 jetpack league. Tests carried out JetPack Aviation (JPA) Youtube a video broadcast on the channel managed to make people even more curious.

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Two of the JetPack Aviation pilots fly side by side in the video . In addition, the first attempts to be on the water, in case of a conflict in the air to prevent possible accidents were announced. It was also reported that races without water on the ground would be made in the following years. In the meantime , let’s not say that for the first time in history, two jetpack flying side by side .

JetPack Aviation CEO and pilot David Mayman made a series of statements. ” We’re all really excited about this, for the first time in history we’ve flown two jetpacks together, we’ve done a lot of testing, and now it’s time to compete, Yap he said.


In addition, in a press release, JPA will invite qualified teams to participate in the trials in 2019, and the JPA jetpacks used in the racing league can fly more than 200 miles . Last but not least, the company shared with its followers that jetpack racing sport is aiming to grow rapidly.

What do you guys think about the jetpack racing league? Do you think this league holds? Welcome your comments!


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