Xiaomi Received Earthquake Monitoring Technology Patent

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How will the Xiaomi earthquake monitoring system be used? The Chinese manufacturer wants to know about earthquakes in advance.

Xiaomi received a new patent for earthquake monitoring . The Chinese manufacturer announced that it has patented earthquake monitoring technology for mobile devices. The company’s cutting-edge technology will monitor seismic movements and send them to an earthquake processing center.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has published a patent called “Method and Equipment for Performing Seismic Monitoring of Mobile Devices” with the publication number CN113406696A.

How will the Xiaomi earthquake monitoring system be used?

The patent describes a system that can read or monitor seismic activity from a mobile equipment. According to GizmoChina, this technology will generally be used to detect earthquakes .

The mobile device in the patent will act as an intermediary to send the key data obtained to an earthquake processing center. According to the report, the system will also allow the basic processor to identify and predict earthquake events based on multiple readings.

In terms of the Chinese company’s applications, this means that in the future it can create an early warning system from mobile devices, which may even include smartphones with sufficiently sensitive sensors. However, it is still thought that Xiaomi does not have such a plan in the future.

This technology is more similar to the early warning system that the company has integrated with MIUI and works based on AI algorithms.

Android Earthquake Warning System saved thousands of people

The Android Earthquake Warning System may have saved dozens of lives in the Philippines . Android users received early warning of the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred earlier today. Many Philippine citizens say they have received warnings from Google.

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According to the US Geological Survey, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck Tingloy, Philippines, earlier today. Reuters reported that the shaking lasted almost a minute and woke some from sleep.

Many Android users in the Philippines were woken up by Google’s Android Earthquake Warning System and were aware of the impending earthquake a few seconds before the shaking. The success of the system has been talked about on social media since the last day, and many Android users said that they woke up before the earthquake thanks to the Google warning.

Google wants to build “the world’s largest earthquake detection network ” using widely available technology and sensors . Because it is not always possible to install a traditional ground seismometer network (as in California and the US West Coast). If such systems are available, Android devices can display these government-provided alerts.

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