Xiaomi Redmi Note Sold Out In 7 Minutes


The recently introduced Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 had attracted attention with its features and price. As of today, the first 100,000 Redmi Note 7 sold out in just 8 minutes and 36 seconds.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 , which will be offered for sale at prices ranging from 150 to 200 dollars , showed that it would be highly claimed in the middle segment with the 48MP camera and Snapdragon 660 processor. Redmi Note 7, which attracted the attention of many users as soon as it was announced, today has found its place on the internet-selling sites such as Mi Store, TMall and JD.com. Half of the first party phones sold on the market as 100,000 units were sold through the Mi Store, 50,000 units of TMall and JD.com.

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Xiaomi said that approximately 1 million phones would be made available for sale and would be sent to stores quickly. Xiaomi, which aims to sell its sales at a limited number and on certain sites under the name of satış flash sale ağ until it reaches the required product, stated that the next sale will be on January 18th.


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