YouTube Search Engine Gains New Features

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The YouTube search engine is getting more functional. Users who cannot find enough videos in their native language will now see videos in other languages.

Although the YouTube search engine is the second largest search engine in the world, it can sometimes be difficult to find content on the video sharing platform or to learn the contents of the video without wasting time. Developers, on the other hand, are preparing to introduce new ways to solve the problem.

Being a platform where millions of people watch videos and listen to songs every day, even for a few minutes, not being able to find content when searching will become history with future updates.

YouTube Search Engine Improves with New Features

Although there are many videos on the video sharing platform in question, there are not many videos prepared on a topic in every language. YouTube, which always pursues ways to make information on researched topics more accessible, is turning to other languages ​​to show users more videos .

According to the information shared by YouTube, when the user searches on any topic, if he cannot find enough content in his native language, he will have the opportunity to browse the videos prepared in other languages ​​in the same search query.

When the user cannot find content prepared in his native language or cannot find enough content, users will not have any problems watching videos prepared in other languages ​​with automatically translated titles, subtitles, descriptions.

This means that someone in Thailand can access the information provided by a professor at MIT about quantum physics. YouTube aims to start with videos in English for now, and then make them available in other languages. Thanks to the new functionality that the video sharing platform will offer to users, content creators can reach more viewers globally.

“People told us they wanted easier ways to see what the video is about before they open it. We heard you! We’re starting to streamline the search section to help people better understand what a video is about.”

When mobile users search for a video on a topic in the world’s second largest search engine, they will begin to see not only the cover image, but also some of the content of the videos. In addition, these users will be given the opportunity to jump directly to the relevant section depending on their interests.

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