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Zynn Passes TikTok Earns Money by Watching Video!


TikTok can be downloaded on Android and iOS platform and is among the most downloaded mobile apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play. Even the clones of such popular mobile applications attract and even pass. TikTok’s rival, Zynn, appears above TikTok in the Android and iOS app store. This is because; monetize everyone who watches videos!

TikTok Clone Zynn Saves Money!
Discovered by Mashable at the beginning of May, the TikTok rival Zynn app is among the top 10 most downloaded apps on both Android and iOS platform today. We can call TikTok’s clone for Zynn . You share short videos in Zynn, the interface is the same. The biggest difference from TikTok is that it makes money . A counter with a dollar sign appears on each video, this counter becomes full while watching the video and gives you points that you can use as a cash or gift card. For those who are wondering if the app is really making money, let’s mention that we have tried but YouTube videos showing payment receipts.

Money Per Video Watch!
The application, developed by the Chinese venture Kuaishou , which has received an investment of 2 billion dollars from the Chinese technology giant Tencen , is growing rapidly. The reason for Zynn rising rapidly on both platforms and passing TikTok; both monetization per watch and monetization as you include new members. It allows you to sign up to five people and you can earn bigger money if the people you invite use the app regularly.

Download Zynn
Unlike TikTok, Zynn, which stands out with its monetization, offers membership options via Facebook, Twitter or phone number. The first time you open the app, you start watching videos, but to make money, you need to register / create a free account. You also need to link your PayPal account to redeem the rewards.

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